"Good taste... commands well"

Wearing a sausage-curl hairdo the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Elizabeth Taylor appeared in 1949′s ‘Little Women,’ Sarah Bierstock made a promising bow at Danny’s Skylight Room a week or so ago. Bierstock actually resembles the Taylor of that period, although that probably isn’t the reason she sang the Marcy Heisler-Zina Goldrich ‘Taylor’ to well-earned applause from what seemed a roomful of family and friends. They had much to be proud of, since, with ‘Up ‘Til Now,’ Bierstock demonstrated she has the right onstage instincts. She explained this was ‘my first cabaret,’ but she already has good taste in songs right for her…has a mezzo soprano she commands well… is comfortable at the mike, and at ease chatting with the audience. (Not all neophytes are, even when they know most of the attendees.)
— David Finkle, Backstage Magazine