"Gripping... best play this season"

Honor Killing is about Allisyn Davis, writer for the New York Times, and her attempts to cover the killing of a woman by her family in Pakistan. The play takes place on three emotional planes: the reporting of the event, the emotional relationship between Allisyn and fellow writer Ben Adams, and Allisyn’s personal back story. Right off we are thrown into the world of the event and efforts to gather information. The glide into the second world, Allisyn and Ben’s history, does not flow as seamlessly as I might wish, but this is minor and perhaps can be adjusted as the play continues to stand on its own legs. From here on the movement between the various emotional arenas is excellent. The play examines the role of women in foreign countries and, most importantly, the righteousness of one culture interfering in another’s deepest issues. At a fast paced 90 minutes, the play is gripping and my attention never wavered.
— William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway